Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Weaning.... Our Journey Part 1

So here we are again time to start weaning! Even though I have been through this process before I somehow feel like it's all new to me again. It has only been 2 years since I started weaning Zach and yet I feel as though I've forgotten how we even began.
I remember with Zach I found weaning very daunting and stressful. There's so many different opinions on what's the right or wrong way to wean a baby, I wasn't sure what direction to go in. So instead I followed Zach's lead just as I am doing now with Poppy.

So Poppy turned 6 months the end of February as most Mum's know this is the recommended time to start weaning. We however started giving Poppy small tastes of different purées a few weeks before 6 months! This was personal choice as we felt Poppy was showing various signs that she may be ready for more than milk.
I started off by blending up a few fruit and vegetables such as Carrot's, Sweet potato, Broccoli, Apple, Pear and Parsnip. I made these up in batches and placed them in small pots to put in the freezer that way I could take one out as and when needed.

The first taste of food Poppy had was a small bit of blended Sweet Potato during dinner time. Her little face was a picture, she wasn't very impressed! We carried on offering her small amounts of the food I had already pre made every dinner time for a week. She still wasn't very keen towards the end of the week. I wasn't sure if she was really ready to be weaned at all and decided I was going to give her a couple more weeks and try again.

That was until one evening I had a ready made Ella's Kitchen food pouch for Poppy to try , I thought she might like something different. Well... I couldn't quite believe how fast she gobbled every spoon full up! I thought maybe what I had made for her she just didn't like? 
After a week of Poppy having dinner, we then introduced breakfast starting with baby porridge and as expected she loved it. We give her porridge right after her morning bottle each morning because if she is too hungry she just refuses to eat solids.

After a full week of dinners and breakfast (mainly ready made some Mummy made :-o) Poppy started having lunch its been since the weekend now that lunchtime has become regular and she has started to just love her food! 
OK so I will admit I wish she had more of the purées i make but it just doesn't go down very well and to be honest with a toddler running around sometimes i struggle to find the time to top up the freezer.

Now here's what we do differently! Instead of just using purées for weaning we try to do a mixture of both so Poppy can try Baby-led weaning also. I have only seen a few people that have done a mixture of both, usually it seems like it's either one or the other. With Zach we did a mixture and it worked really well it didn't take him long to have more baby-led food's than purée. He just seemed to enjoy exploring new foods and feeding himself that way. I brought a book called 'The Baby-led Weaning Cookbook by Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett' It is like my weaning bible with helpful tips and some really good quick recipes that everyone can enjoy! If you are considering Baby-led weaning I highly recommend this book. 

On Sunday I was eating a chocolate bar and Poppy grabbed it of me, it went straight in her mouth! (don't worry I didn't let her have it I don't share chocolate ;-)) But it made me think maybe it's time to see if she would like some finger foods.
 So far I haven't cooked her a full dinner  to eat herself because I'm just testing the water. I want to start her of slowly to see if it is something she takes too. First of all I tried bread and butter cut in to soldiers (easy to pick up) she chewed and gummed her way through most of it. A lot went on the floor which I expected with baby-led weaning you have to be prepared for a lot of mess! Since then we've tried rice cakes and scrambled eggs which she has enjoyed, so now it's just a case of giving her new finger foods to try and soon I will try her with a dinner or lunch! 
Even though 3 meals are now on the menu 5 bottles still are as well 4 throughout the day and one during the night. This surprises me as I thought she would just naturally drop a few feeds? Maybe she will very soon but I'm happy to give her what she wants as she must be hungry still as they get guzzled up!

Follow us to follow our weaning journey this is just the beginning lot's more food and mess to come!

The Little Brews xx