Saturday, 28 March 2015

10 Things I've Loved This Month

10 Things I've Loved In The Month Of March

  1. Poppy started sitting up independently.  (yay!)

  2. I began my Blogging journey and launched The Little Brews Blogspot!

  3. Zach did his very first wee on the potty. (Even if most of it ended up on the floor, still a huge leap for Zach)

  4. We have celebrated some very special birthdays.

  5. I started to learn how to crochet. Slowly getting there....

  6. I seen Usher live in concert!

  7. My friend gave me a lovely new hair colour!

  8. It was my first Mothers Day with Zach and the newest addition Poppy :)

  9. I had my first girls night out since having Poppy (Had loads of fun, thanks girls!)

  10. Zach had two special assembly's  at pre school celebrating Mothers Day and Easter. (Nothing better than a home-made gift from my little man.)

Hope everyone else had lot's of good memories from March. The Little Brews sure did.

A Cornish Mum

The Little Brews xxx