Wednesday, 4 March 2015



I have just decided to change my blog over to Blogspot as I was previously using Weebly and wasn't getting on very well with it!
So now here I am with a new blog name inspired by my children the little Brews.

Zachary and Poppy 2015.
Zachary (left) is 2 and half years old and Poppy 6 months old. They both have such lively personality and like to keep me on my toes! Life is certainly never boring since having children they have made each day so much more worth while and I love being a Mummy!

As well as looking after the little Brews I am girlfriend to Gaz (yes girlfriend still not wife! lol) I feel very lucky to have him he is a great Dad and Loving BOYFRIEND!
We have been together 4 years this year we've been through a lot in such a short space of time but it's all been worth it :).

I do also work in healthcare part time but I am currently enjoying my time on maternity leave. I enjoy my job but enjoy spending lot's of time with my kids more! 

That's just a small snippet into our live's for now I am however going to transfer some of the recent blog's from my old page over to this new one shortly.
Be Back soon xx