Monday, 20 April 2015

The Little Brews Week/ Weeks 6/4/15- 19/4//15

Wow! The Little Brews have had such a busy couple of weeks I don't know where the time has gone. Last week I didn't get a chance to do The Little Brews Week update. So now here we are two weeks behind. So much has happened I've decided to highlight some of the best bits from the past two weeks with pictures that captured the fun we've had!

Sibling Cuddles!

  • We had a fab Easter Monday spent with the family at Manor Farm Park in Loughborough. We spent the whole day at the farm as there was so much for the kids to do. Including walking a sheep, Easter egg hunts, Woodland walks, Holding Owls,Easter crafts and much more!
    Walking a Sheep (Betty) 

    Twit Twoo

    My Beautiful niece Lexi walking Bruce
  • Lot's of trips to the park to make the most of the good weather! Zach and Poppy had lot's of time to play with their older Cousins.
  • I went to the Cinema to see SpongeBob with my Nephew Oliver and Niece Erin. It was great getting to spend time with them. Before I had my Little Brews my Nieces and Nephews were my babies I love being so close to them. I like to think I'm a cool Auntie lol
    Terrible selfie! Finger over lense oops!
  • Indoor Grand National Party at my Sisters. Watching it together has been a bit of a tradition since we were kids. Oh and out of 15 horses between us not one of us got into the top 5!

    Selfie Stick!

  • Manhunt in the woods! This was loads of fun, I'm a big kid so any excuse to act like one and i'm in. I did however get stung by stinging nettles!! (Note to self: Don't wear leggings when running around in the woods [Ouch])
  • I went to my best friends house in Grantham to meet with all the bridesmaids for his wedding in June. It was the first time we have all had the chance to get together and try on our dresses. It made it all so real that it's not long left till I get to see one of my oldest friends marry the love of his life eeeek!
  • Zach went back to pre school after the half term break. Had a great time as always! Unfortunately he will be leaving soon as the hours are not suitable for when I return to work. But we have found a fab new Nursery and had our first settling in day which went great.
  • Potty Training has been improving more and more throughout the week. Big boy pants are being worn for longer each day! Proud Mummy alert!
  • Two takeaway Fridays have been and gone. I love takeaway Fridays not sure I've mentioned it before. For me it means it's the start of the weekend with no rushing about! And lot's of food!
  • We had Zach's best friend and Cousin Heidi over to stay this weekend so we had a very noisy and messy house but two happy toddlers!

    Big Cheeeese!

  • I've not mentioned much about Poppy! Poppy is just always happy at the minute full of big smiles even through her teething. Each morning we are eagerly checking for a breakthrough but still nothing to report. Fingers crossed we will have some soon so Poppy can have a bit of a break before it all starts again.
And that pretty much sums it up! These are the highlights, there was much more boring bits in between. 
Has anyone else had a busy week full of lot's of tears, tantrums and laughter?

The Little Brews xxx

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