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Potty Training The Beginning...

 Potty Training The Beginning..

Initially I was going to write about potty training the beginning in The Little Brews weekly post update. But I soon realised I was writing a lot about potty training even after only one week in. So here we are with a new post 'Potty Training The Beginning'.
Potty training is something all or most parent's go through. Our babies grow and nappies are to become a thing of the past as they become more independent.
We'd previously tried getting Zach to sit on the potty on the odd occasion just to see if he was [interested]. But never worried about if he would use it or not. He told us he didn't like it and even asking him to sit on it could cause a meltdown. So it just sat in the corner gathering dust for a while. Now with the Easter holiday's arriving it felt like a good time to try again but with a bit more encouragement.

I had been out and bought a toilet seat with step as a backup incase he preferred that to a potty then he had the choice. These are the thing's we had prepared to start our potty training journey.

  •  Potty
  • Toilet seat with step
  • Reward chart
  • Training Nappies
  • Chocolate coins to bribe if necessary
  • Stubborn Toddler!

All systems were go, now all we needed to do was convince Zach! (But of course he wants to wear a nappy, going to the toilet is so much more effort and it means he may miss something whilst sitting there).
 Potty training officially commenced on Monday, I felt determined. This is it this time we will crack this! 

First I managed to convince him to sit on the potty by reading him a book, but one book soon turned into 10 books and still no wee! This lasted about 2 days then it just became too much. Reading 10 books while Zach was sat on the potty for an hour. Then going up to bed and reading him the usual bedtime must haves ( Huggle Buggle Bear and Iggle Piggle) I was starting to feel a little loopy.

We tried telling him that he didn't need to sit on the potty all the time. That it was  just for when he felt like he might need a wee, but that went in one in ear and out the other. For Zach at the moment it's either sit on the potty nappy free or get off the potty and carry on with a nappy on. There is no reasoning and it's his way or the highway unless we would like a nice toddler tantrum that is. 

So on about day 3 we were at home when just after dinner Zach surprised me and took his nappy of no quibbles about it and sat straight on the potty. Only this time he had Mummys Kindle in hand (no wonder he was so keen). He sat and played games, I asked him several times if he'd had  a wee yet or if he would like to get off the potty. No was the answer everytime but a big YES every time I mentioned he would get a star on his chart if he did a wee. Yet again Bedtime came round and still nothing. 
I started to wonder if he was just holding it in and waiting until he had his nappy back on. It seemed like such a long time without nothing, even tickling him whilst he was sat there didn't encourage his bladder. 

Come Friday Zach was at home happy playing around the house with his pull up's on, he suddenly came up to me "Mummy, Mummy it's coming out!" Then of he scurred to the potty I was so excited I thought yes this is it! He sat down... another hour had passed but this time he finally did it!! Yes! 'Look at that delightful potty full of wee!' I never thought I would get so excited over him using the potty. We high fived, hugged it out, kissed and went to get out a shiny sticker for the chart. I was so pleased that I even gave him a little chocolate coin too. 
I'm just hoping now this is the start of it, that Zach continues to use the potty and even tell's me when he thinks he needs to go.
I knew this would be a slow process as he's never been one for rushing into new things but I'm happy that he has took the first initial step.
Go Zachary!! :)

I'd love to hear other peoples potty training story's and what worked for them. Zach is 2 years and 8 months old.
How old were your little ones when you started potty training?
 What did you find helped? 
 Follow us to see more of how the potty training progresses, as this is just the beginning! Wish us luck!

The Little Brews xxx 
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