Monday, 16 March 2015

The Little Brews week

The Little Brews week...

So this is a little bit late as yesterday we had such a hectic day that a cosy night and film was what we needed to wined down :).

The start of the week began with us celebrating our nieces/cousins Heidi's 4th birthday!
We spent the day in a place called 360 play its like a soft play with a lot more to it and every time we go Zach has the time of his life! The day was filled with lots of running around and having fun with the kids who well and truly worn themselves out by the end of the afternoon.

Zach attended pre school on Tuesday and Wednesday as he does every week, Me and Poppy took a trip out to a Mother and Baby group Wednesday morning to have a play listen to some stories and drink tea!

Thursday I was invited to Zach's pre-school for a special Mothers Day assembly. It was only very short but lovely to watch, they sang a  couple of songs to all the Mummies in the hall, then each child handed out a card and flower they had made to their Mummy's! I was pleasantly surprised by Zach as I thought that he would refuse to bring his over to me as he's not usually one for these kind of things. So when he did his little excited walk over to me with a little stumble in excitement to hand me the flower and card I was beaming!! One very proud Mummy! He even gave me a kiss after he handed them to me :-*

Saturday was another brilliant day! Me, my sister, her partner and my nephew Oliver took a trip to the capital FM arena in Nottingham to watch the one and only USHER!
I was very excited hoping to hear some of his older songs as they are a personal favourite. Admittedly though we found the first part of the show not as good as the last half but all in all we enjoyed it and spending some time with Oliver was really nice.

Sunday I was woken up to Zach running in my room shouting Happy Birthday Mummy!! Even though his Dad had prompted him several times to say Happy Mothers Day he still got it wrong bless him but it was still very sweet. I then got lot's of cuddles from Poppy whilst Gary prepared me some breakfast in bed. 
After a relaxing morning we then had a 2nd birthday party to attend! It was a lovely party and a lovely afternoon spent with friends. We had some family time following the party so Gary could see his Mum which was nice. So after such a busy day once the kids were tucked up we treated ourselves to a takeaway and film.. 

The Little Brews xxx