Thursday, 5 March 2015

Snotty Baby!

So this week didn't start of to well for our little Poppy. After recently coming down with a cough and cold it seemed after only a few days break she was faced with yet again another snotty nose, rising temp and cough.

Sunday evening we found ourselves struggling to get Poppy to settle for the night she was very restless and upset. Although very tired, she just couldn't find away to be comfortable enough to get sleep. She wanted her diddy for comfort but couldn't breathe with it so this left her very upset :(.

We had a very long night with very little sleep for all of us, except of course Zach who was happily in the land of nod. We had used snuffle babe on every recommended part of Poppy's body (chest,back and feet covered). Paracetamol given to reduce her temp but the snuffle babe only seem to help ease her for a short time. 

The next day a few people recommended trying out a vapour plug in for Poppy's room, so I headed out to the shops to stock up on essentials to get us through the following night and went on the hunt for a plug in.
Poppy's cold essentials!

Well what a huge difference it made! I was amazed at how brilliant it worked, instantly when we turned it on you could smell it. That night was definitely better than the previous one! I can not believe I have gone so long without having one, its my new favourite baby essential for those snotty nights! 

Thankfully now Poppy seems to be feeling much better I just hope she can go more than a few days next time between them. Roll on the summer.... (Hopefully a warm one!)