Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Cakes, Fancy dress and Soft play!


This weekend we celebrated one of my Niece's birthdays! She turned 4 on Monday and to celebrate she had a Frozen themed birthday party! She is Frozen obsessed as are most little girls lol. Fancy dress was optional so I couldn't resist trying to find a fancy dress outfit to fit Poppy :). I already had Olaf in mind for Zachary as we had previously seen a costume when out shopping,I found it a lot easier to shop for Zach's size than Poppy's. Luckily I stumbled across lots of fancy dress costumes in Poppy's size on Ebay and I fell in love with an adorable Anna costume so that's what she got. It was lovely seeing  them dressed up. Unfortunately Zach being Zach he wouldn't sit for a photo with Poppy, but I managed to get a snap of him and the birthday girl herself Heidi (as Elsa).

Zachary and Heidi :)
For the party my sister asked me if I could make some cupcakes (Frozen themed). I'm not someone who bakes all the time but I do enjoy baking cupcakes for my own kids parties. So I was happy to accept :).

For the sponge of the cupcake I used a basic vanilla cupcake recipe which I found on:

I used a blue butter cream icing to frost the cakes and I purchased some edible white shimmer pearls and shimmer spray to decorate.
The snowflakes were made by a friend who bakes cakes for a living, she had seen what I was doing and offered to cut some snowflakes out of fondant icing for me.

I was so pleased and impressed with how they looked when I had finished I felt a real sense of achievement. I defiantly enjoy baking especially the decorating part! So many people complimented on how good they looked and tasted so they was a huge success!!

It was safe to say the kids really enjoyed the party and Poppy especially was all smiles all the way through. We've noticed lately she is a real sociable baby and loves lot's of attention, she has really changed as a few months back she was just a Mummy's girl and wasn't interested or happy with anyone else. Now it's Mummy who? 

Heidi and Poppy

Courtney (Big cousin) and Poppy.