Friday, 20 March 2015

A toddlers diet...

Since writing my post about weaning Poppy I've been thinking a lot about Zachary's eating habits and how much they have changed since he reached 2! 
From weaning Zach up until the 2 year mark he had a brilliant appetite would eat just about anything that was put in front of him.
We was so pleased at how much he loved his food and people would always compliment us about how well he ate.

So what changed????

This is the question me and Gary ask ourselves all the time. When did Zach suddenly decide he didn't like certain foods even though he had eaten them before and liked them!?

 We've never really changed our routine and he had always enjoyed his food. We started to become really concerned about his eating habits or lack of eating, so much so that we looked for advise from our health visitor. The advise given was to just offer him his dinner as normal but not to talk about it and just have normal conversation whilst eating together at the table which is what we have always done anyway. The idea behind this was that Zach would just eat eventually as he wouldn't be getting any attention for not eating. Apparently, a lot of toddlers go through this faze as its their way of having some control. It was harder than I thought trying not to encourage him to eat or even offer a cheeky little bribe with a yoghurt for trying his dinner. We've always had the same rule, that if he doesn't eat his dinner he get's no yoghurt for pudding. It still hasn't worked Zach still doesn't touch his dinner. :(

Unless............. he has sausages! And even then it is only the sausages that he eats! I don't know where his love for them has come from, they was never something we offered him all the time. If I try and put  the sausages in a casserole for a change it's a no go! How dare Mummy try anything but plain sausages!
 We try to avoid letting him have sausages for dinner all the time as we are aware they are not the healthiest food he could be eating. But at the same time when he's not eaten a hot meal all week its just nice to see him eating something!

Afternoon lunch Zach tends to eat well he loves a sandwich, Bananas, smoothies, pom bears anything along them lines goes down really well. People have suggested swapping the two around so he has a hot meal in the afternoon and cold in the evening which we are considering but as it stands because he has lunch club at pre school it just not possible. He's such a lively and happy little boy you wouldn't think he didn't eat a lot as he's always full of energy!

We're just stuck at the moment with what we can do. Its so frustrating I just want him to enjoy his food and continue to discover new tastes! 
How many others are having the same problem with their toddlers? Or have had these problems in the past?? What advise do you have??
 Any tips and ideas we could share would be fab!
Let's crack these fussy eaters and get them back on track!

As a rule because of Zach poor eating we always make sure he has daily vitamin drops this gives us some piece of mind that he is getting the vitamins and minerals he needs. :)

The Little Brews xxx