Saturday, 25 April 2015

Drayton Manor -Thomas Land April 2015

So recently  Zach has developed an obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine. It came from nowhere with no influence from me (for once). So we decided we would take a family trip down to Drayton Manor- Thomas Land to see what the hype was all about!
There was no doubt that Zach wouldn't love it. After all he's always reminding us that 'Thomas he's our number one!' (Thanks Milkshake).

We had such a fab fun day out at Drayton Manor Park and Thomas Land here are some of our best pics! 

I swear Zach did have fun he's just really doesn't do smiling for the camera, he's been like it since he was a baby. Great at frowning, he has that nailed!

I would recommend it to anybody that has an avid Thomas fan like us. He was so overwhelmed. The excitement on his face when he first seen Thomas coming to take us on a ride to the Zoo was just priceless!

The only grumble is about the Thomas themed soft play area. Zach loves a soft play so he couldn't wait to venture in and have a good rummage through the ball pits and down the slides. Unfortunately adults were not allowed in the soft play so it meant Zach had to roam around on his own while we tried to watch him through the netting. He's only small so we found he struggled to get climb up a lot of it. He'd only just made it to the top level and a whistle blew, all kids were asked to leave. We wasn't aware before entering that it was only 15 min play sessions at a time. I understand this rule when somewhere like this is busy, as it means everyone gets a fair turn but it was empty. It was the quietest soft play I'd ever been to, even the parents were fall asleep in the chairs! 
Fortunately Zach wasn't too bothered about leaving and we went back to enjoy the rides in the beaming sunshine. It really was a fantastic day out I'm so glad we decided to go!

Zach's (Our) Favourite rides:

  • Jeremy Jets Flying Academy. It wasn't until we had gone around twice someone told me we had to press a button to make our plane fly. Silly Mummy!
  • Bertie The Bus
  • Diesels Locomotive Mayhem 
  • Harold's Helicopter Tours
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Tour- This was the highlight riding with the main train himself. Zach was made up that he was taking us to the animals!
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The Little Brews xxx