Thursday, 26 March 2015

Top Tips For Fake Tanning On A Budget

Before having children I enjoyed nights out with the girl's most weekends. A big part of going out was the getting ready before hand. I love dressing up and feeling glam it gives me a real confidence boost to just feel good about myself.

In more recent years
I became a fan of fake eyelashes and fake tan. I always felt a glow to my skin washed away those winter blues, as well as covering up blemishes and marks on my legs! I've had my fair share of tanning mishaps in the past such as streaking, orange hands, dark patches, missed white bits! But through plenty practice and mistakes I've found what works for me and hopefully plenty of others too.
The best bit is I don't have a big bank balance to splash out on expensive products so this is all done on a budget .

Here are my tips:

1. Product. 
This can all depend on what type of tan you're after? Things to consider are do you want instant? Gradual? Would you like it to wash straight off?
My choice of product is St Moriz mousse!
You can pick this up in most superstores. But I've found Bodycare have it for the best price.
its comes in 2 different shades Medium or Dark. Im very fair so medium is enough for me.

2. Tools
A must buy for applying fake tan is a mitt! Perfect for getting a streak free tan helping you get that even coverage all over! 

3. Prep
Exfoliate! Jump in the shower and scrub away that dead skin. Using either a body puff or ex-foliating glove. I use 
whatever I've got at the time but love the gloves for a good scrub!
Moisturise! I like to use a body butter, at the moment I have a Soap and Glory body butter. Pay extra attention to those extra dry places like knees and elbows. The moisturiser will help stop you from getting a patchy tan!

4. Application
Now I'm sure many people have their own way of applying tan. I however like to start from the bottom and work my way up. The legs and feet are always first, I tend to apply the tan using large circular motions working my way up. Please remember your feet and ankles! I've had a few white ankles in the past where I was sure my shoes would just cover it but I was wrong! Also underarms, the last thing you want is glowing white under arms (Never a good look on anyone). 
When I get to my face I am very cautious I worry I might make a mistake here. So for me I prefer to not add any more mousse to the tanning mitt, instead I just use the excess already on the mitt to quickly glide across my face and neck. A bit of bronzer always come in handy when you put on your make up.

I like to apply fake tan the night before I am planning on venturing out so I can let it fully 
set in overnight and wash of the smell in the morning. This also gives me the opportunity to re-apply if I don't feel the shade is dark enough or to correct any mistakes. Then I shower it off again before getting ready to get rid of the fake tan smell!

And voila! Looking good to go and all without breaking the bank or the risk of UV lights.

The Little Brews xx