Monday, 23 March 2015

The Little Brews Week 16/3/14 - 22/3/14

The Little Brews Week

This week started of with us celebrating my sisters birthday! For this we enjoyed a nice lunch together in a lovely village pub. 
Zach being true to form had little appetite, but of course he enjoyed his chocolate ice cream pudding.
It also marked the day of St Patrick's Day. I hope anybody who celebrate St Patrick's Day had a fab time and made the most of a day of celebrations.

Poppy had a rough week again this week, yet again she was full of cold and has developed another pesky cough. She's the same as before see my previous Blog post Snotty Baby!
Snotty Poppy!
The teething genius!

We are not 100% sure, but believe the root of all these colds is teething. But still no sign of any teeth, we're checking everyday in hope that today is the day she finally has a tooth. Sophie Giraffe has been Poppy's best friend this week. That poor Giraffe sure can take some chewing and we are so grateful! Keep it up Sophie!

We took a trip with a friend to look and test out some pushchairs for when her little one arrives. Wow I forgot about the amount of choice there is, I don't envy her making that decision. I remember how hard I found  it both times when I was expecting The Little Brews. I found myself browsing for hours through reviews to try and help my decision.
My partner always jokes about how I check reviews for everything! I think they are the most truthful source you can get when it comes to making a new purchase. I even find myself leaving reviews now, I never used to bother before until I realised how much I valued other peoples opinions.

This week it felt like the weekend couldn't come fast enough just to have Gary home for two days. Zach spent his Saturday morning down the park feeding the ducks with his Daddy (One of Zach's favourite things to do and its free!) this always puts him in the best of moods. Me and Poppy stayed in and had some much needed cuddles as we were both feeling under the weather.


Me and Zach got all crafty this weekend and made his first ever Easter Bonnet. We love making things together and as he has a parade at pre-school coming up an Easter bonnet was a perfect craft to do over the weekend. All the supplies for the bonnet (Including the hat) we brought from Poundland I think over all I spent around £5 on everything. Check out our bargain make below.

After covering it with blue tissue paper Zach said he wanted a sunshine as it looked like a sky. He definitely knows what he likes! I never realised how hard it would be to get some bonnet inspiration but I think designing it using only our imagination worked well. We were both so happy with the finished result, he keeps showing it of to everyone who walks through the front door! I personally liked that we managed to get a trilby hat rather than a traditional bonnet shape.

 The rest of the day followed with some yummy home made fish and chips and a night in-front of the TV.

Sunday we ventured out to Oak Farm Park with the little brews auntie, uncle and two cousins. We had lot's of fun playing on the park and in the soft play. Unfortunately Poppy still wasn't 100% so spent most of the day snoozing.

This weeks favourite buy!

Just in Tesco doing the weekly food shop and spotted this beautiful little anchor dress for Poppy. Had to have it as soon as I seen it, it will be perfect for the spring :) and it's another thing added to the next size up pile.

All in all an OK week would have been nicer if we all felt a bit better, Bring on next week!

The Little Brews xxx