Monday, 27 April 2015

The Little Brews Week 20/4/15-26/4/15

This week has been fairly quiet in The Little Brews household. Apart from our fab trip to Thomas Land we haven't done much else.
The Little Brews both had another settling in day at their new nursery. This time we left them for an hour. Zach got on great he's not overly bothered about leaving Mummy as soon as he sees other kids and toy's he's off without a second thought. Poppy cried at first but fell asleep about 10 minutes after I left her and was still asleep when I went back to pick her up. 

We've had a few accidents on the potty training front. One of which I never expected to be picking up of the living room floor. I am so thankful we have laminate flooring! I'm still super proud of how far he's come, Zach is a stubborn little sausage and will never do things he doesn't want to. 
We started trying to encourage Poppy to crawl this week. At first she starts rocking then her legs flop back down and she starts kicking them around like shes doing a front crawl. It's very cute, she seems happy enough just sitting and watching everyone.

Me and Gary went to see the new Avengers Age of Ultron this week with the Brother in-law and our Niece and Nephew! That was a good evening, has anyone else been to see it? I never used to be a fan of films like the Avengers. But since getting with Gary I wanted to make more of an effort to like some of the things he's into. I must admit I surprise myself sometimes and like things I never thought I would.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the amount of dandelions in their gardens this week? Our lawn seems covered in weeds. We bought some cheap weed killer/lawn feed to try and tackle the problem but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick. In the past we had some stuff that left the grass with burnt patches. We definitely don't want to repeat that, but would still like to find a way to get rid of all these weeds!

Next week is my final week before I return to work. I'm feeling really anxious about leaving Poppy. When I returned after having Zach he was over 1 year so it didn't feel like he was a baby. This time Poppy will be 8 months , with so many more milestones for her to reach in this first year I just hope I don't miss them whilst I'm at work. I also hope I don't find it to difficult managing my time between work and being at home.

This weeks best buy!
I had a fab afternoon shopping and eating with a good friend of mine. We spent hours looking around the shops and all I came home with was a new jacket! But what a fab jacket it is, and to make it even better when I got to the till it came up as half price. I almost skipped out of the store!

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