Saturday, 25 April 2015

10 Things I Have Loved This Month- April 2015

I'm finding it difficult to write '10 things I have loved this month'. Even though it has been filled with so much laughter, I'm finding it's overshadowed by the fact this is my last month before returning to work *cry, cry*. I'm going to miss my babies so much, I wish circumstances were different but needs must!
Anyway let's see if I can write this and it cheers me up (channeling some positivity).

  1. The weather- Nothing like a bit of sunshine it always makes me feel happier and more energetic. It's a great source of natural therapy.
  2. Days out- We've been so lucky this month with lots of trips out with the family that's been great!
  3. Zach using the potty- I love watching him learn and grow into a 'big' boy. He makes me proud even though I do miss my chubby little baby.
  4. Lot's Of Chocolate!- You just got to love Easter!
  5. Picnic's- This month has been full of them and we all love going to the park and enjoying the outdoors.
  6. Thomas Land- Just to see Zach reaction. It was such a fun day!
  7. Shopping Trip- Had a fun afternoon going for food and shopping with a good friend. It felt nice to have a bit of me time.
  8. Cinema- I've been a massive 3 times this month, that's more than I go in a year sometimes!
  9. Pictures- This month I have captured a lot of it in some great photo's.
  10. Smiles- A Lot of smiling this month. I think Poppy knows her smile get's
    anything from Mummy and Daddy!

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