Wednesday, 15 April 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

Thank you to Stevie over at A Cornish Mum Blog for the Nomination!
Here are my 50 things that make me happy!!
(In no particular order)

1. My Little Brews! - Especially the things my toddler keeps coming out with lately. He has me belly laughing daily. They are the number one reason I get up in the morning.

2. Family Time

3. Gary- I don't know where I'd be without him. Plus he helped me create our Little Brews :)

4. My Friends!

5. Chocolate- Of course!

6. Toby cat- Meow!

7. Singing!- I can't sing at all but I often burst out into song and dance whilst pottering around the house.

8. Music 

9.  Dancing!- I'm not a great dancer either but I still bust out a few moves here and there. Zach  even likes to join in!

10. Play Time- I'm a big kid!

11.Coca Cola

12. Takeaway Friday- Any excuse not to cook.

13. The Sunshine!

14. Reality TV- OK so they're a bit of a guilty pleasure 

15. Holidays

16. Disney- Everything Disney!

17. PJ's- Best thing invented and best thing to put on when coming in from work regardless of if it's only 3pm

18. Going To The Theatre!

19. Concerts!

20. Being a passenger- I can drive and I drive a lot at work, so I love it when someone else is driving me around (Usually Gary).

21. Soaps

22. New Shoes!!

23. Christmas

24. Taking Pictures- A photo can say a thousand words and give you lasting memories. Whats not to like!

25. The Seaside

26. Shopping! (Apart from the weekly food shop!)

27. Duvet and Dvd Days 

28. Pandora - I love charms that have some meaning to them!

29. Cuddles!


31. Weddings!

32. Converse

33. Countryside -  I long to live further a field surrounded by fields!

34. Other People's Happiness - It makes me happy to see the people I care about happy.

35.Good Hair Days!

36. My Nieces and Nephews 

37. Pregnancy!

38. Slippers - I hate cold feet lol

39. A Clean House

40. Payday

41. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

42. Summer Evenings

43.When Zach Or Poppy Learn Something New!

44. Alton Towers! 

45. Just Dance and Singstar -  I promise I can't sing but that game likes to tell me I can!

46. Sleep!

47. An Empty Laundry Basket!

48. BBQ's

49. Ice Cream - From an Ice cream van!

50. Being ME!!

That was harder to write than I thought it would be! So many more things make me happy!

I'd now like to tag the following people to make their own 50 Things That Make Me Happy blog post! That is of course if they have not already done so and would like to join in!

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